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Polypropylene Hollow Corrugated Sheet

Size: 1830 X 1220 mm, 2000 X 1300 mm
Material: Plastic Polypropylene Sheet
Thickness: 2/3/4/5 mm & customised
GSM Range: 200 to 12000
Colour: as per client Requirement
Brand: Hex

Usage Of PP Hollow Corrugated Sheet

What Is A Polypropylene Sheet?

Polypropylene sheet is a flexible plastic material derived from polypropylene monomer. It is suitable for a broad range of purposes, especially flexible plastic packaging, medical equipment, stationery, automobile parts, and building materials, because it comes in an assortment of thicknesses, colors, and surface textures. It is recognized for its outstanding qualities, which include a high melting point, chemical resistance, durability, and lightness. Polypropylene’s properties render it suitable for an extensive variety of applications across multiple sectors.

What Is A PP Corrugated Sheet?

Polypropylene Corrugated sheets, simplified as PP sheets, are an effective means for packaging items to shield them from damage while they are being conveyed. The term “”corrugated sheet”” refers to a kind of plastic sheet with a sequence of parallel ridges and grooves composed of polypropylene (pp). These lightweight, strong, impact-, moisture-, and chemical-resistant sheets are ideal for a range of uses, including construction, packaging, signs, hospitals, healthcare organizations, and many more.


  • Corrugated Plastic Boxes and Containers
  • Signage and Advertising Danglers
  • Printing Boards
  • Floor Protection
  • Protection and Packaging Inserts
  • Cutouts, Tote Trays, and Storage Bins
  • Layer Pads and Divider Sheets
  • Reusable Packaging Solutions

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