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Safeguarding your goods with Extruded Plastic Sheets for superior protection

Asia's / India’s Premier Extruded Plastic Sheet Manufacturer and Supplier


From General Purpose Polystyrene to Polypropylene Hollow (PP Corrugated/Sunpack), Polypropylene Solid (Roll/Sheets), and High Impact Polystyrene Sheets, Hex commits to produce accessible and affordable quality plastic products engineered to be durable, resilient, and built to withstand the test of time.

Polypropylene Hollow Corrugated Sheet

Size: 1830 X 1220 mm, 2000 X 1300 mm
Material: Plastic Polypropylene Sheet
Thickness: 2/3/4/5 mm & customised
GSM Range: 200 to 12000
Colour: as per client Requirement
Brand: Hex

Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP)

Panel Thickness: 3-5 mm
Aluminium Thickness: 0.15-0.25 mm
Standards: 2440 mm X 1220 mm
Tolerance: 2%
Colour: as per client Requirement
Brand: Hex

General Purpose Polystyrene Sheet (GPPS)

Thickness: 2 mm – 12 mm
Size: 6/4, 8/4 & Customized
Colour: Clear, Smoke, Blue, Green, Orange, Milky 040 & Customized
Surface: Plain & Karakachi
Brand: Hex

Polypropylene Solid/Rolled Sheet

Thickness: 1 mm to 8 mm
Roll Size: 1/2/3/4 ft – 100 ft
Sheet Size: 6/4 ft – 8/4 ft
Colour: Black & Milky White (040)
Brand: Hex

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Why should you choose HEX

As one of the leading polypropylene sheet manufacturers, our extruded sheets are tested and claim the highest industry standards. Whether it is durability, resilience, or precision, Hex PP sheets consistently deliver with precision.
HEX's commitment to efficiency, innovation, and experience translates into cost-effective solutions for you. This means you can be sure you're getting top-quality, long-lasting extruded sheet materials, including PP sheet and PP corrugated sheet, at a reasonable price.
Extruded sheet manufacturers like us have your project's success in mind. Our team of experts brings valuable experience and technical knowledge to the table. They'll act as your guide, helping you choose the perfect polypropylene sheet or PP corrugated sheet for your needs. With their insights, you can ensure you're using the right materials to help your project reach its full potential.
Hex connects you with a large variety of suppliers, so you can easily find the exact extruded plastic sheets you need, like polypropylene sheets or corrugated PP sheets.
PP sheet suppliers and extruded sheet manufacturers like us understand the importance of eco-friendly practices. That's why we offer innovative lines of PP corrugated sheets and other extruded plastic products that are designed with sustainability in mind. This means you can get the high-quality materials you need without compromising your environmental responsibility. Our products strike a perfect balance between quality and eco-consciousness, aligning perfectly with modern environmental standards.
As a leading extruded sheet manufacturer, HEX offers a wide range of plastic sheet products. All HEX extruded plastic sheets are manufactured to meet strict fire safety standards, giving you peace of mind and protecting your investments and projects.

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