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Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP)

Panel Thickness: 3-5 mm
Aluminium Thickness: 0.15-0.25 mm
Standards: 2440 mm X1220 mm
Tolerance: 2%
Brand: Hex

Usage Of ACP Sheet​

What Is Aluminium Composite Panel Sheet?

Aluminium composite panel sheets are fabricated as a blend of exquisite artistry and functionality. It is a flat panel that is composed of two thin aluminum sheets with a central layer of polythene. Aluminum Composite Sheet is a fascinating substance that provides fantastic wall covering material while also offering an appealing and contemporary finish to the architectural framework. ACP sheets are frequently utilized for exterior walls, interior design, and architectural cladding. This material is utilized for its striking qualities, such as being robust, lightweight, and easy to install. Its resistance to fire and weather conditions won’t deteriorate under any circumstances. With their multitude of hues and textures, ACP sheets are the perfect building material for a variety of construction projects.

Why Is ACP Sheet Widely Used?​

ACP sheets were formerly utilized in the shipyard and aircraft industries. However, it has been used in a lot of places lately. The convenient qualities of ACP sheets will delight you with great relief and satisfaction. The renowned ACP sheet manufacturer provides you with ACP sheet cladding that is weather- and stain-resistant and guarantees longevity. ACP sheet cladding serves a purpose not just for building exteriors but also for internal applications.

  1. Incredible Longevity: ACP panel sheets are crafted to provide long-lasting solutions, which is a key factor that makes them a preferred choice for many. High resilience offers long-lasting protection for years and guards against a variety of climatic situations.
  2. Less Expensive Choice: Financial investment is a matter when it comes to the exterior and interior cladding for residential or business spaces. ACP is a less expensive solution that provides the best result with a low investment.
  3. Reduce the risk of being brittle: ACP sheets are designed of the strongest, most aesthetically pleasing material available, and are less likely to shatter or crack.
  4. Simple Installation Process: ACP sheets are a great choice for any type of cladding solution, whether interior or exterior because they offer a hassle-free installation process.
  5. Safety Measures: When it comes to the inside cladding of a space, safety is paramount. Aluminium composite panels are fully safe and fire-resistant in terms of fire-related incidents.


  • Exterior and Interior Architectural Design
  • Printing Signage
  • Partition Panel
  • Metlam Application
  • Road Safety
  • Vehicle Interior design
  • ATM & No. Plate

Looking For Aluminum Composite Panel Sheets?​

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