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ACP for Exterior

ACP for Interior

Partition Panel



ATM & No. Plate

Bus & Truck Interior

ACP for Road Safety


HEX Aluminum Composite Panels are crafted for exterior and interior applications, architectural aspects, signage and much more ensuring a sleek and modern finish while maintaining structural fineness.

About the product

HEX ACPs are designed combining aluminium with a core material, providing structural strength and versatility. ACP sheets are easy to maintain with durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. The insulation properties help regulate interior temperatures, perfectly suitable for high-rise buildings and commercial spaces.

Why Should you choose HEX ACP

Our extruded plastic sheets are tested and claim the highest industry standards. Durability, resilience, or precision, HEX sheets consistently deliver with precision.

HEX's super economical solutions are a combined result of efficiency, innovation, and experience ensuring that you receive durable and top-tier materials reasonably.

Our dedicated team of experts offer valuable guidance, assisting you in selecting the right materials with technical insights to ensure your projects meet their full potential

With a widespread network, HEX makes it easier for you to source high-quality materials, providing a seamless experience from selection to delivery.

Our innovative ranges are designed in eco-friendly ways offering a balance between quality and responsibility that aligns with modern environmental standards.  

HEX's extruded plastic sheets are manufactured as per the fire safety standards, providing assurance and protection for your investments and projects.

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