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About Us

About Us

Hooghly Extrusions Ltd is a name well known as one of the leading manufacturers of GPPS (General Purpose Polystyrene Sheets),
PP Hollow (Polypropylene Hollow),PP Corrugated / SUNPACK,
PP Solid (Polypropylene Solid Sheets (Roll / Sheets) Milky 040 & Black,
HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene Sheets)
The organization established in the year 2013 and within three years it has sky rocketed its sales and production. Efficient work force and dynamic sales team lead by a quality management core has made all the difference. The vision of the company is to provide the best quality within reach and super economical pricing to reach the major potential of the market and fulfill the needs of the consumer.

The Group:

Hooghly Extrusions Ltd is a member of a group of Companies involved in a number of Businesses over the last 3 (three) decades. Diversification had been the Mool Mantra of the group is involved in producing quality mustard oil, MS pipes, Steel and Ferro Alloy Plants. The factories are located in Haryana, Hissar and West Bengal.

Vast Experience in the Manufacturing Sector gives the group a huge competitive edge over the near competitors. Human Resource Management, Business Dealings, Reliability and Customer Servicing are the other few areas which have provided us the required Bench Mark.


By the name of our Brand HEX, we are manufacturing innovative range & colours of sheets and we are extremely eager to make our Brand the biggest name in the industry. We believe under efficient leadership we shall remain successful towards a positive growth of business & reputation in the coming years and make our Dream come True.

Office :

Located at the heart of Kolkata, our office is accessible from any other part of the city. The office is equipped with all modern facilities and technological brink that sets HEX a mile ahead of others. Internet connectivity, Lan and other required amenities to become a modern office is all at the hand of our office Staff.

Factory :

Factory is the most important concern for any Manufacturing Division. Our factory located at NH2 Delhi road Serampur (West Bengal). It is at a prime location with all advantages of Transportation of raw materials and logistics of finished goods.

The factory is equipped with all modern machineries and we take absolute care in maintenance and keeping their smooth functionality. At our factory we have ample facility for the best production and superb care for all the human resource involved. The Management is keen to provide all the advantages required for the Human Resource to become the most efficient and skilled in the process .Modern machineries and accurate Process Line is the key to our success in meeting deadlines and client requirement.